Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels Melbourne


At Anchorage Boarding Kennels and Cattery, we pride ourselves on offering the finest accommodation for your family cat or dog. Our spacious, picturesque property gives your pet the chance to relax, run and play in the fresh country air, while our indoor facilities offer a supremely comfortable experience. All suites are rigorously cleaned and maintained each day to ensure your pet is housed in the most hygienic accommodation.

We cater for both long and short-term stays, so whether you’re going on a weekend trip or a 3-month Euro getaway, we offer your pet the perfect home away from home. No matter how long their stay, our caring, experienced staff and high-quality facilities ensure they’ll be safe, happy and rejuvenated when you come to collect them.

Dog Boarding

Whether you have a small Shih Tzu or a giant Great Dane, our accommodation can cater for any dog size.

Each dog has their own spacious indoor and outdoor area where they can relax, with extensive exercise and play yards made available every day. This ensures they’re given the exercise and fresh air they need to stay perfectly happy and healthy.

We offer a range of both cooked and raw meals alongside dry food, which satisfies even the fussiest of doggy taste buds.

Cat Boarding

Our feline accommodation features comfortable and spacious apartments complete with a walk-in sun balcony from which they can soak up the sun and stretch their legs. This gives them the outdoor time they need for their wellbeing, while ensuring they can sleep safely and soundly inside at night.

Cats dine on a variety of Whiskas fresh and dry food, though any special dietary requirements can be catered to by our friendly staff, who are more than happy to give your feline everything they need to be content.

Hydro Bathing

While you’re away on holiday, it’s the perfect time to give your pet a professional, bathe. Using warm water, your pet will receive a full flea rinse and the ultimate pamper session, leaving them feeling fresh and fabulous. You can book our Hydro Bath service with your pet’s holiday stay, or else during a day visit.

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping will ensure that dog’s nail won’t undergo any painful wear or tear. Our nail clipping service ensures their paws are kept in perfect condition, so they can run and play happily and in complete comfort. Nail clipping can be arranged for during your pet’s stay, or else on a day visit.

Pickup and Delivery Service

If you find yourself too busy or unable to drop off or pick up your pet, Anchorage Boarding Kennels and Cattery can do the job for you. Our driver will schedule a time that best suits you, and safely transport your pet in air-conditioned comfort. All pickups and deliveries should be made by arrangement.

24-Hour Vet on Call

While you’re away on holiday, we want to give you absolute peace of mind that your pet is being well-cared for. For this reason, we have a 24-hour vet on call, so that in the unlikely event of an emergency, your pet will have access to quality professional medical attention.

Boarding Requirements

As a council-registered boarding kennel, we require proof of vaccination of all pets staying with us. Dogs must have a current C5 or above vaccination and cats must have a current F3 or above vaccination. This ensures the protection and safety of your loved one during their stay with us. Regular parasite protection is also a necessary requirement for boarding.

For enquiries or more information, please call us on (03) 5998 3273, and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist. You can also check out our Facebook page for all the latest updates.

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